Pros and Cons

  1. Pros with ONL (positive things)
  2. Cons with ONL (negative things)
  3. This is what I´ve learned (…that I can use in my teaching @mah)


. “Online learning is any form of learning conducted partly or wholly over the Internet.” As Dr. Tony Bates, and this is exactly what we did in this course. We were wholly over the Internet and it worked. I think that the most positive thing with this course for me is that I could see that it really worked. Even if we didn’t meet face to face, we created a group dynamic that was as interesting as it would have been in a classroom.

Some in our group where teachers and some were not and that´s the reality in a ONL environment to. The students are more various and has different conditions. So I think everybody that work with online learning should join the ONL.

It forced us to be students, it forced us to use new tools and ask for help and support and the excitement for the presentations was so great. It brought us together, It´s a way of delivery knowledge, even if we read about different methods to design courses.

A positive thing with the ONL is that you are not alone. In every campus there is someone with the same doubt and interests and this is only the beginning. All the things I´ve learned about openness etc. really changed my point of view. I´ve learnt that it makes education available for everyone.


The negative things with the ONL course was the lack of time, but I can´t find out how to change that. We had the meetings in the evenings and it was hard to find time for everybody. We can´t help when the communication is bad in some countries and we can´t help the time difference.  But I think that there would have been more information about the expectation of every person’s efforts, because there where so many that finished. Everybody that signed up for this course is interested in OER and it´s a pity that we lost them.

I´ve learned about being an online-students. I´ve found out some tools that I want to show my colleagues and the possibility to support the teachers in Malmö högskola. Paddled, powtown, moovly, googledrive, google+, Skype and sparkle. I´ll make referents to all these tools and try to keep it up to date. I´ve also learned that it´s ok to use other materials that is open.


I´ve learned about collaborating online and that is one thing I´ll focus on in my work. To make people collaborate, to use tools and became more effective.  If we want the students to collaborate we have to do it ourselves. I think the staff at Malmö högskola doesn´t keep up with the students and their digital skills.  So here is a big challenge. We are educating teachers and these teachers will educate our children so my task is to be one step ahead.

I want to find a department that is interested in onlinelearning and together with AKL asks these questions:

  • Why should they have “online learning”?
  • Where should they start?
  • Which part of the course should be online?
  • What kind of online learning will work best for my students?
  • What digital skills do you need?


Implications for Higher Education, By Li Yuan and Stephen Powell Dr Tony Bates in





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