Summarize. Topic 5

The most important thing for me was that I understood the topic and that everybody had the same goal. That we where at the same level and wanted the same output.

When I did my blogpost I wasn´t finished with the topic, I had to read others ideas and thoughts and then it came to me… little too late, but it came.

There is too much information and too many tools out there, when you search something you got too many hits and it´s difficult choose the right tool. I sometimes had the feeling that the most important thing was the presentation. Which tool to use, how to present our work. But for me I was more interested in how to collaborate, because that is a problem, even when you work together and now when we are apart from eachother.

I want to summarize everything in:

Technical issues: The first meeting was in AdobeConnect but it didn´t work out as well as we expected so we decided to try skype. I don´t think it was adobeconnect that was the problem, more the bad habit, wifi, headset and surroundings.  .

Language problems:I feel unsecure speaking english and I´ve trust at google translate 😉 It was hard understanding the others enlish accent.

The skypemeetings:It worked in the end, everybody grew and it is really good to practice, to feel secure.But when the sound doesn´t work its really hard to communicate.

The topics:I had no preconceptions so I think they where ok. But as I am not a teacher I felt unsecure with my thoughts. I have no opinions or experience thus nothing to come with.

The time:Even if it was ok to do this in my workinghour it took more time that I thought. But it was hard with the skypemeetings in the evenings. I really had to sacrifice my leisure.

The fishmodel:I liked the fishmodel. It helped to put things together and focus on the right thing, even if we didn´t always followe it the way I wanted.

My  Reflection on the course: – What is it for me/ what does it mean for me and what have the course given me? I´ve got a lot of ideas and I´ve already talken to my collegues and some teachers, I really want to keep this course going.

Blogging: I only got one word: interesting. At first I hated it, now I don´t even do the check spelling….. (As you might have noticed. It took too much time and energy. If someone don´t understand, please feel free to contact me and I can call my friend Google Translate he he)

In my webbrowser I now have a new favoritefolder: ONL. And I´ve devided it into several subfolders and categories. Some of them I´ll put in a new webside for my users so they can find them.
Creative commons – Something I´ve wanted to learn for a long time but always shoot at the future. Now I can answers theese questions ans give them all my links where to find pictures, sounds and music.

Openess was something new for me.  But it is important for the researchers to progress and teachers to get inspirations from others. When I first started reading about it I didn´t understand why, but now its obvious for me. And it has given me a little more understanding for the teachers.

Topic 4 Collaborating has influenced me the most and is something I´ll start working with. BPL was new for me, all methods was also new for me…The Fishmodel, The 5 stages model and Addie-model….

But I still wundering. Is there really different between creating an ONL-course and a traditional course? The goal must be to get the students motivated enough so they can take initiative on their own to find information and responsibiliti for their learning.


6 thoughts on “Summarize. Topic 5

    1. lovely accent…. hmmmmm, I´ll work on that 🙂
      It has been so pitty that you couldn´t have your camera on. You were just a voice in the air far far away…..
      You seem so experienced, you always had ideas of what to do. I´m glad I was in your group.

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  1. It’s not really a case of a difference between ONL and “traditional” courses. I think it’s about using the potential of openness in all courses whether they have physical meetings or not. We need to stop thinking in terms of campus vs online and see them as complementary. This course cannot be given on campus so we have to use online tools as well as we can. Other courses do have campus meetings but they also need to use online tools the rest of the time.

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    1. Good to hear you say that, because I agree 🙂
      And I think lots of teachers in Malmö University is in the starting and I do hope they will move forward, because like you said. It´s not something specially, you only need the tools and to dare. And I´ll promise that I´ll be there that day and help them find the way of “non-psysical-meetings”

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  2. Interesting reflection Kristin, We try to understand what is going on:) Topic 4 Collaborating was also a new influence and experience for me. With the 5 stages model and the Addie-model. This model give your an ideá and a concept how you can start to think and what answers you may need before you design a new course. Afterwards, I can feel that I wanted to discuss these Models a little bit more. To better understand how to use each specific model. But any way, I think I have become safer on how to really design a course and what has to be done. I feel more secure when I discuss course design with a teacher, colleague or with the it-department.

    Kristin, I think you are a great teamplayer and if you pass Linnaus University, you must come and visit me 🙂

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  3. Very much enjoyed working with you Kristin, and I think one of the strengths of the group that made us dynamic was that we all had different experiences coming into the course. Some teach or work in the university full time and others like myself were novices.

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