Topic 4

Topic4 was to collaborate online and create a course.

At the beginning we were very confused. This was a new thing for all of us,  and at the beginning we all had different view on what to do and as the moment we spoke about things to do, everybody did it, instead of planning and get everybody on-board. The result of that was that some had an overview over the topic and some didn´t.

We decided to do the topic without a “leader” because the collaborating had worked ok in the group before. But now I have another experience, it was not a good idea. 😉 We really should have had one person who summarized everything and delegated tasks.

First we Focus and Investigated:

-We decided to create a course of referencing and we all informed each other about our universities and came up with ideas and suggestions. Someone suggested the ADDIE-model and so we started.

When creating an online course it is very important to get all students motivated and really get them to understand the meaning of collaborating. I think that everybody needs to know why they shall collaborate, the meaning of collaborate and understand how to collaborate and why it will gain them. Then the motivation will come automatically.

I my case I found myself sitting alone and tried to find out what to do and how much time I should offer at this course. (– Yes, sometimes it felt so) I still got my commitment at work and the meetings in our PBL-group is in the evenings. Even if it´s only an hour its frustrating not having more time.  So I found myself trying to find interesting blogs to comment, interesting articles to refer to and became more and more  stressed not have enough time.  Then it hit me that this is not collaborate!  In Topic3 we read about collaborate online but now I was sitting all alone trying to figure out topic4.  Why doesn´t we used the output from topic3? Why doesn´t we used all tools we´ve read about?

So I remembered -This is exactly how the students feel, they have to understand the meaning of collaborating before start collaborate. And you need to think of that when creating an online course if you want the students to collaborate.  And before that you´ll need to get to know the students, Who are they? What you want from them? What problems you can expect in the course? (maybe all teachers should be students now and then 😉

Back to our PBL-group we did came up with results, although we created the course instead of create a strategy after a model. We decided to use the ADDIE-model and it´s a good technique but I´m still not sure what we did according to that model. In this topic the process was the most important thing and how we came up to the result. It went well anyway but the collaborating was not so good as it could have been.

But I´ve learned a lot of new models and tools, example: the addie-model, the harvard referencing, TedEd and Open Badges –An interesting thing. I like it and I really think it could be a good thing for students to collect. Every child is familiar with this kind of rewards, all games use it to make you continue playing to the next level, and next and next….. etc.

I still ask myself why we didn´t make this topic as good as we could have. We did not have a leader, no plan, just an idea that it would work anyway. Before we knew that someone had the responsibilities but this time we were waiting each other out. So I think we need someone who holds together.

This blog is more about collaborating but about designing a course. I admit that I´ve not focused about the designing part. I am always a step behind this course. Now when topic4 is over I read all participants results and blogs and now my interesting of “designing and creating a course” is brought to life……






One thought on “Topic 4

  1. I totaly agree with you Kristin about us feeling like proper students when working on this topic. It was much more challenging but also a very good learning experience to find oneself on the other side of teh fence all of a sudden.


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