Topic 3 -Still pending

Collaborative learning in a group is interesting and I have thought a lot about my role in our PBL-group.  But the thought stops there because I just realised that because I´ve missed the beginning of topic3 I really don´t understand what the task is.  And I feel that I know too little to ask.  I´ve read so many of the members blog, but I have not commented them, I don´t know why, I just keep reading all blogs of the members trying to find out what I think.

Today there was a webinar about “learning in communities” –And now I can´t stop thinking about what I´ve learned. I didn´t understand everything in the webinar so I´ll see it again later this day. Maybe I can focus and understand more?

Also PBL is a new thing for me.  But after reading about it I really think it´s a good way. Just the thought that the students allows to become more independent and have to be more active because they get a little less instruction from the teacher. -I think that´s good. That´s the way real life is 🙂

Working in communities or groups is always interesting because the output depends on the participants.

  • You have to know each other to dare
  • You change roll in the group and there you find new knowledge
  • You can ask each other and help each other.

Networking in the present is unlike the past, I think that all changes that takes part in a group gives your strength to help each other.



2 thoughts on “Topic 3 -Still pending

  1. I think that reflecting on your role in the collaborative work we do in this course is a good starting point, and I am sure that you will get a grip on this.

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