I surprise myself

Suddenly I find myself with a computer searching for things and writing down things I want to learn more about. -This course has really made me curious again.. .it has brought me back to the one I once was. Today after our skypemeeing I´ve been sitting at the computer reading about common licenses, I´ve investigate what the different between powerpoint and google slide is:  https://business.tutsplus.com/articles/powerpoint-vs-keynote-vs-google-slides-what-is-the-best-presentation-software–cms-26831

Since I give courses in powerpoint I don´t want to hear about any other products, but this was interesting. I asked a member in our group why she did´t use powerpoint but google slide -and it gave me another point of view. -Thanks Francis 😉

I´m learning new things everyday and I can honestly say that it´s troth. The more you read or learn the more you want to read and learn.

I really needed to wake up. animal-483860_1280



2 thoughts on “I surprise myself

  1. Isn’t it great to find that you can still surprise yourself and learn things that you never even thought about!? Nice to hear that this is happening to you as well Kristin and that you’re now awake 😉 PS Love the owl! Is it a CC licensed picture?


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