I have heard about MOOC before but I didn´t realise that it was så spread over the world and so many and availale. It´s an opportunity for everyone!  My second thought was –“I’m going to sign up for a cours” 😉

I’ve just visit websites for MOOCS, OER etc… and I can´t believe there´s so many!

It´s strange that a teacher can take courses and reuse them. At first I didn´t like the idea, but after a while I  asked myself: -why not. It´s the knowledge that matters. If we increase the knowledge all over the world, the world must be better ( I have to believe that) And if teachers all over the world could cooperate, use each others courses, they´ll have more time with their students.  Now I think teachers spend much time to create content. What if they focus on beeing an educator instead.

I am not a real teacher so I should not have any opinions, but I can´t stop thinking about it.

It will be fun to read more about it in this topic nr 2.


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