Continue forward….

Now topic 1 ends and I compare our results with the other groups. It is interesting to see how one perceives its task.  In our group we thought alike, but still it was very difficult to get started. It was very hard to know what to do. It was because my uncertainty I signed up as the leader. And thank you Pia for beeing there with me 😉

I thought that it was a way for me to engage me. I work best under pressure, but now after I´m not sure if it was so good idea……  Because I had no idea how to start.. To the next time I know something I´ll do better:

  • I need to have a plan for every meeting
  • Last thing to do before saying goodbye in skype I´ll repeat everything we said
  • I´ll write down the tasks that we decide and talk about so everyting is clear for everyone

Digital literacy was an indeterminate substance for me before, but now I think I can explain it if you ask me. And really –I´m surprised myself I look forward to the next topic, to learn more about openness.

I am also surprised that the course have awakened an interest in me. I suddenly find myself surf the internet, read about e-learning etc… I hope i´ll lasts.

At last, I´m proud of our work and result in group 8!



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